020: Will Ramos: Make Weird Noises – Part II

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It’s time for yet another episode of healthy screaming with Will Ramos, the lead vocalist of the deathcore band, Lorna Shore. 

Last week, we looked at how Will Ramos nurtured his voice to sound like a Nazgul. Today, we continue the conversation by talking more about how to NOT mess up your voice while screaming. Learn some tips on healthy screaming, relaxing to improve technique, and how scatting can improve deathcore.

Will values taking care of his voice just as much as an opera singer would. It’s also so much fun to hear him talk about cross-training in Tuvan throat singing as one of the ways that he takes care of his voice. 

Oh, and did I tell you that we actually put a camera down Will’s throat to see what it’s like now after years of heavy screaming? The result might just surprise you!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How to scream better and avoid damage
  • What it was like getting COVID as a singer
  • The scatting approach
  • Will’s bucket list for collabs
  • His transition to becoming the Lorna Shore frontman
  • The future of extreme metal
  • Tips to get started with metal screaming


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Supporting Resources:

Here’s the YouTube video of Will’s throat being scoped: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ua8SuWNPrLE

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