Welcome to The Charismatic Voice! This is a place to celebrate great music and awesome singing – and maybe even learn how to create some yourself. Hosted by vocal guru Elizabeth Zharoff and joined by over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, there’s a lot to discover here so #letsgettoit.

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Demystifying Singing

Build or rebuild your vocal foundation in this 7-week intensive program which includes private coaching, group sessions, and over 60 video lessons.

7-week intensive program

Extreme Vocals with Will Ramos

Learn how to go full goblin just like Will Ramos! This collaborative course is brought to you by Elizabeth Zharoff, Chris Liepe, and Will Ramos himself.

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Want me to check out your favorite band? The best way to get a song on my list is by adding it to the comments section in a recent or upcoming premiere on YouTube. Once you’ve added your comment, others in our community have the opportunity to upvote your selection. The more votes, the more likely your song will make it on my weekly recording list! We also run monthly polls on Patreon and I occasionally get influenced by some of the awesome songs Patrons choose for me to play in Beat Saber. Click here to learn more about our Patreon.