008: James LaBrie – Triumph Over Vocal Injury – Part II

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This is Part II of our conversation with Dream Theater’s lead singer James LaBrie. Last week, we began what seems like one of the most transparent conversations I’ve ever had about vocal injury and how a professional singer like him can recover and continue to create great music.

Today, we continue the discussion as James talks about what he does right before a show, his support system, and some vocal idols. We also touch a bit on work-life balance as well as dive into some extra spicy Patron questions at the end!

It’s amazing how James takes care of his voice and how he is continuously inspired by other artists. Learning about how he overcame a traumatic vocal injury and how he hasn’t let that stop him from continuing to produce incredible music was truly inspiring. Finally, his advice, especially on vocal health, is just pure gold.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Avoiding food or drink that makes you burp
  • A routine he does before a show
  • Singing in passaggio
  • The best way to support someone who has undergone a vocal injury
  • Why many bands are touring nowadays
  • The rise of online subscription streaming services (ex. Patreon, YouTube, Twitch)
  • Asking your favorite artist how they want to be supported
  • The most incredible venues James had performed at
  • How in-ear monitors have revolutionized live performance
  • Online concerts versus concerts with a live audience
  • Sounding perfect vs. translating music accurately and with conviction
  • How they create a concert playlist
  • About his newest album, “Beautiful Shade of Gray”

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