009: Brent Smith – Healthy Body, Healthy Voice – Part I

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Addiction is something that plagues all kinds of people – especially creatives or performers who are feeling constant pressure. Brent Smith was on top of the lead singer world, fronting Shinedown, a rock band with 17 singles that have hit #1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. And amidst all that, he still dealt with a lot of self-doubt.

Brent started singing at four years old and began writing songs at 10 years old. By 15 years old, he was heavily influenced by grindcore and punk rock. In this episode, Brent shares how life drastically changed for him the moment he made the decision to improve his health and how he started singing better than ever – and with confidence.

If you’ve ever turned to a substance or perhaps used some kind of denial to help you through a performance, this is the interview you need to hear. We’re also going to talk about unicorns, converting hard rockers to opera lovers, weight and singing, how Brent’s impromptu performance became a staple of his career, and how the band trains on the road.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • His love of music at an early age
  • How different genres have their own attitudes
  • Bringing your own version of a song
  • How your weight impacts your singing
  • Brent’s weight loss journey and recovering from addiction
  • Your responsibility to take care of your health as a singer
  • Brent’s appreciation for opera
  • Warm-up techniques and duration
  • Other factors that can affect your voice (ex. weather, altitude)
  • Dealing with your nerves when singing
  • Why Brent prefers singing standing up vs. sitting down

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