010: Brent Smith – Healthy Body, Healthy Voice – Part II

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This is Part II of the interview with Shinedown frontman, Brent Smith. Brent’s easygoing yet direct manner comes across throughout our entire conversation. He is truly a rockstar who has figured out life balance despite his massive touring and having a family.

Last week, we started to unveil why it’s essential for Brent to train like an athlete. The more I get to speak with incredible singers like him, the more I’m convinced that you can’t separate the health of the person from the health of their voice. After all, your voice is in your body so it’s not surprising that Brent now trains himself like an athlete.

In this episode, Brent talks about their upcoming album, Planet Zero, which releases this Friday, July 1. We’ll also take a closer look at his influences such as Chris Cornell, discuss the impact of COVID on his music, and answer some juicy Patron questions.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Finding your anchor to guide you every day
  • What goes into Brent’s songwriting
  • Brent’s inspiration for lyrics and Chris Cornell’s influence
  • Where his growl technique comes from
  • How rock music has changed over the years
  • Brent’s Insanity workout program

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