028: Peter Hollens: Creative Entrepreneur – Part II

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This week, we continue the conversation with Peter Hollens, American singer/songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur. Known for doing acapella videos of just him – and his multiple voices, Peter is his own engineer and singer. That’s not to say that he hasn’t done any collaborations because Peter has collaborated with other great artists – including one video that he wished could have picked up more audience (on top of its two million views on YouTube.)

In this episode, Peter talks about his vocal technique, his love for acoustic music, scatting, and some tips on how to become a better creative entrepreneur. He’s also going to give some suggestions for how you can explore and expand the sounds that you make and his thoughts on artistic integrity and how far can you go without losing the essence of the original music.


In this episode, you will hear:

  • How acapella singing differs from classical singing
  • How Peter approaches his singing 
  • The ONE video he wished could have gained more traction 
  • How the pandemic affected him
  • Some tech and plug-in recommendations for great recording sessions
  • The best and worst thing about being a singer
  • Peter’s take on scat singing


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