029: Tatiana Shmayluk: Growls and Giggles – Part I

The Charismatic Voice with Elizabeth Zharoff

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Tatiana Shmayluk is the lead singer of the Ukrainian metalcore band, Jinjer. But don’t let that trick you into thinking that she’s a gentle performer. 

Tatiana packs a punch with her vocals – both clean and harsh. In fact, she was the first female singer that I’ve ever heard going into full death growl mode. The song started off with a groovy, almost jazzy punk feel, and then dropped into this intensely heavy section. And at that moment out of Tatiana, a boss monster just seemed to spring. It’s insane! It’s also one of the reasons I just nerd out about voice science. 

In this episode, learn about how she visualizes her voice. Also, be sure to tune in to the second part of this series next week as Tatiana shares how she determines if a growl is good or bad. We’ll also talk about touring and how to support the band during these incredibly tough times. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • What makes a good band member
  • The process of writing a song for a band
  • The process of writing lyrics
  • Working well under pressure
  • How she developed the harsh vocals


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