Elizabeth Zharoff

Elizabeth Zharoff is an internationally acclaimed opera singer, producer, multi-genre vocal coach & guru, video game voice actor and YouTube star.

After singing internationally for ten years as a world-recognizable opera singer, Elizabeth turned her expertise into teaching and coaching others through her own extensive schooling, experience and passion. She founded The Charismatic Voice as a way for her to broaden her reach and continue educating people around the world.

Based in Tucson, Elizabeth produces and records daily in her studio, and teaches students through her online courses: Demystifying Singing and her Music Appreciation Course.

Demystifying Singing

The most personalized course available to establish superb vocal technique.

7-week intensive program

  • 7-week intensive program
  • Personalized feedback on recordings
  • 1-on-1 coaching with Elizabeth
  • More than 40 custom vocal exercises tailored for your specific voice type

Reduced from
$1,447 to $997

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Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation

Music is awesome. But why is it awesome?
Take this course to learn more.

4-week course, go at your own pace!

  • Deep dive into musical expression, terminology & lingo, structure, timing, and vocal execution of all types.
  • Subjects covered: Time signatures, Tempo, Pitch, Key, Dynamics, Music Production, EQ, Vocal Registers, and much more.
  • Learn what makes a song good, and why it sticks in your head.
  • Test your new knowledge with guided application.  

Reduced from
$50 to $40

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Thinking about taking the leap?
These singers did – check out what they had to say…

Anastacia M

“Quality of knowledge and application is spectacular. Elizabeth’s teaching is easy to understand. I LOVE working with her!”

Anastacia M., Professional Classical Singer

Anastacia M
Michelle W

“I more than highly recommend Elizabeth as a music teacher. I believe that teaching music is part passion and part technical ability. Elizabeth makes it fun to learn both. Elizabeth’s own technical ability allows her to break things down and support learning in a unique way.”

Michelle W., Human Resources Executive

Anastacia M

“If you are interested in improving your singing I strongly recommend this course. It builds a foundation of technique and vocal anatomy that is very practical. I love the format and the results were amazing!”

Tom Davies, Product Manager

Anastacia M