Demystifying Singing

Learn healthy technique for singing the right way.

Want to sing higher and stronger?
Afraid of causing vocal damage?
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7-week intensive program Starts On:

  • Maternity Leave – June
  • Resuming Early 2023

Elizabeth Zharoff

International Opera Star, Recording Artist, YouTube Creator and your Vocal Guru!

Singing without healthy technique can lead to permanent vocal damage.

In Demystifying Singing, You’ll Receive

  • Excellent Course Content
    7 weeks of intensive learning, to provide a concise and science-based foundation in vocal technique and performance. (valued at $700)
  • Custom Voice Exercises
    Over 40 voice exercises, complete with video guides, and customized to fit your particular vocal range. (valued at $600)
  • ​Song Guides
    Accompaniment tracks, pitch guides, and videos detailing how to practically apply course information to songs. (valued at $400)
  • ​Group Sessions
    Weekly classes to dive deeper, answer questions, and offer you an opportunity to perform. (valued at $375)
  • ​Small Class Sizes
    Classes are limited to 10 people, so that you’re guaranteed personal attention.
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
    Each student receives private coaching with Elizabeth Zharoff (valued at $250)

$1,447 $997

payment plans are available
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Stellar Course Material

You will be given two customized accompaniment tracks to help utilize the lessons learned throughout this course. As you progress, you will see verifiable benefits, and gauge your success by the end.

Individual Attention

You’ll be seeing Elizabeth Zharoff every week for small group sessions. In addition, you’ll receive personal feedback on recordings, and 1-on-1 coaching. Class sizes are small, so that everyone receives individual attention.

Vocal Exercise Guides

More than 40 vocal exercises are provided along with detailed teaching, solidly rooted in science, to prepare your body and voice for success. These are custom exercises, tailored for your specific voice type!