Elizabeth’s Gear

Singing Straw

“I sing through straws daily – both in my own practice and while training students – because recent research has proven that singing through a straw improves both quality and ease of phonation. The Singing Straw not only offers the ideal straw size for singing, it helps to keep your straws clean and environmentally friendly.”

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Secret Lab Chair

 “I used to have back pain after sitting at my computer all day. Now I don’t. These chairs are both sturdy and comfy in all the right ways – so you can expect to enjoy years of quality online meetings AND naps.”


“I use Auralex acoustic treatment daily for all kinds of recording and streaming projects. Their mobile acoustic walls are ideal for reducing room noise AND can be moved to wherever you’re recording. I also love the MudGuard – which sits directly behind my computer mic to help create a more clean sound during online sessions. Even The Charismatic Voice map (behind my YouTube Reaction/Analysis videos) is made by Auralex, and it simultaneously reduces room noise while looking good. I can’t recommend Auralex products enough!”

The Tea Maker by Breville

“As discussed in my Tea Time Interview with Devin Townsend, The Tea Maker by Breville has really elevated the way I make tea. This machine has temperature settings ideal for different kinds of tea, and will raise and lower your loose leaf teas to ensure you never over-steep again.”