Music Appreciation


Want to broaden your suite of musical understanding to analyze your favorite artists?

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Elizabeth Zharoff

International Opera Star, Recording Artist, YouTube Creator and your Vocal Guru!

In Music Appreciation, You’ll:

  • Discuss Musical Expression
    Learn how artists use pitch, key, dynamics and articulation to portray their message.
  • Understand Timing
    What is the math behind tempo & time signatures? How is music structured? Let’s get to work.
  • Absorb Vocal Appreciation
    Identify the different voice types, their styles, timbre & color, and how artists use vibrato.
  • What makes a song good?
    Learn about tension & release, how to create that “stickiness” a song can have, and what happens after the recording with some basics in production.
  • Test Your Knowledge
    Included in this course are extensive listening assignments and quizzes to help test your knowledge through each module.

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