004: Devin Townsend – Heavy Metal Genius and Life Philosopher – Part II

The Charismatic Voice with Elizabeth Zharoff

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Last week, we started to take a peek inside the incredible genius of Devin Townsend – an extreme metal singer, songwriter, and producer… and notably, a life philosopher as well. 

Devin’s on-stage persona may be larger-than-life, hardcore, and sometimes even extraterrestrial. Yet while getting to know him, I quickly realized Devin is also incredibly humble, transparent, and dedicated to bringing authenticity to everything he creates. 

In this episode, we continue our interview with Devin where he discusses some upcoming projects, studio gear, video games, favorite venues, and our quick bonding moment over stuffed animals! 

One of the highlights of our conversation is how Devin views the journey of discovering one’s voice as something that goes hand in hand with self-discovery where we learn to accept ourselves – and part of accepting ourselves is also accepting our limitations. This is contrary to how we’re all sold in society right now where there’s that pressure of being perfect when we all know we’re not. 

Therefore, being able to say you’re not perfect is okay. You just have to do your best and when you make a mistake, learn from it and don’t beat yourself up. Learning how to fail efficiently is the only way to move forward. In this episode, you will hear:

  • Devin’s upcoming project in the hope of discovering his voice
  • His fondness for stuffed animals
  • Devin’s favorite singing venue
  • The best and worst things about his profession
  • Monetizing art and managing expectations
  • Learning how to fail efficiently
  • A look into Devin’s audio gear
  • Protecting your energy
  • The story behind Devon’s stuffed animal octopus

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