024: Arjen Lucassen: Metal Opera Giant – Part II

The Charismatic Voice with Elizabeth Zharoff

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In this episode, we continue our conversation with Arjen Lucassen. Not just the tallest guitar player in the world, Arjen has consolidated his love of movies, music, and the concept of time travel on his newest project, Star One. Not only that, it’s a collaboration-filled project with other great artists as they make music and magic – together. 

Listen in as Arjen shares his opinion of opera, how to create an inner circle of music advisors, time travel, producing Star One, musical comic books, and much more! It’s amazing how Arjen values interacting with his fans, pretty much evident by the way he makes music as well as his guessing games that add a fun extra dimension to his projects that his fans truly love.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Collaborating with other artists and giving them freedom
  • The power of always looking for challenges
  • Having a circle of trust to give you feedback and help you make decisions
  • The Star One production process
  • The importance of having an interaction with your fans
  • Arjen’s other musical influences


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