001: Elizabeth Zharoff: Getting to Know Your Host with Julia Nilon – Part I

The Charismatic Voice with Elizabeth Zharoff

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Curious about the world of opera? Today, I’m sharing my journey from literally singing on a tractor to carving out a professional career in opera. 
To begin our interview series, we’re going to flip the table as I will be put in the proverbial hot seat. While I do enjoy performing and occasionally taking the spotlight, it’s much more comfortable for me to shine the spotlight on someone else. Turning my own questions to myself felt a bit daunting so I decided to ask my friend, vocal geek colleague, and fellow YouTuber, Julia Nilon to help out. 
Julia and I share a deep fascination for music and vocal function, and we’ve had similar yet unique journeys in academic studies, voice teaching, and YouTube growth. And so, if anyone would be able to dig into my history and pick out the little bizarre tidbits that other people wouldn’t think of as bizarre, then it would be Julia.
There’s more to being a professional opera singer than just learning how to sing. Aside from getting the right education, you have to consider the costs involved, the different languages you have to learn and the cultures you need to immerse into, so you can get your message across through the power of your voice.In this episode, you will hear:

  • The story behind the name
  • My journey as a professional opera singer
  • Developing skills in an enduring environment
  • How to prepare for different performance environments
  • Studying the languages and reading the International Phonetic Alphabet 
  • Major differences going from English to French
  • The costs of opera
  • How to manage your nerves
  • How to hold notes much longer
  • Managing your vocal health

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